Author’s Fantasy

This is Author’s Fantasy, my greatest work. I started writing it in January of 2007, and it has only continued to grow since then. I can’t thank the people who have read it and commented on it enough, because without them I don’t think it would have ever gotten this far. So Rich Vixama, Dan Harrison, the entire Legends and Lore group on the forums, and everyone else… this project is dedicated to you.

The story so far is 29 chapters long, plus multiple side stories and two attempts at a rewrite. But starting October 17, 2011, I dedicated myself to the writing of this story fully. I promised myself and all of my readers that every month I would release a chapter, at minimum.

So without further ado, I’d like to humbly present Author’s Fantasy, the first 29 chapters.Author’s Fantasy

Spread the word! If you think a friend or family member would like to read this, why not send them a link?


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